Monday, March 5, 2012

Candy Striper

Sunglasses-Forever 21
Blouse-Forever 21
Socks-Forever 21

Basically, this is my new favorite shirt. Nancy and I just happened to buy the same shirt... and the same sunglasses. No big deal or anything. She has some mildly hilarious photos of us that she's going to post soon. It's solely for your entertainment, of course.

Anyway, the weather is glorious and delightful, all sixty-three degrees of it. Supposedly there will be a thunder storm tomorrow. That would be ideal. I have a thing for thunder storms... even though they kind of frighten me
I especially love hiding out under my covers while peeking out the window of my bedroom, and cuddling with all my lovelies. Best thing ever :)

Love, Sarai


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