Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Shirt-Forever 21
Pants-Forever 21
Shoes-Forever Young
Diamond and Chain Bracelets-Icing

I think I may have found the most peaceful and joyful activity in the entire world. Feeding ducks. I convinced Dane to go feed the ducks with me today, and I loved every second of it. Granted, the pond smelled awful, but also ducks poop in it, so whatever. It's to be expected. And it turns out nowhere on campus do they sell anything remotely resembling oats, or the like. It was weird. So we bought raisins, hoping the ducks would want to eat them. They did. I hope that was safe. If we find out the ducks died, I swear it was something else. It was basically the most wonderful thing ever though. After that we walked over to the nature trail and sat and talked for a spell. Then the kid convinced me to go bowling (!) with his ward. Disclaimer: I hate bowling. With a passion. I always look so stupid, and I just suck. Anything where I throw a heavy ball is dangerous for surrounding people. So I protested. But he wanted to show me off to the ward I suppose (that's what I tell myself at least). And we actually had fun. Not the bowling part (although I did beat his score the second round hehe), but just the hanging out part. It was blast. Practice for open mic followed. We're singing Walk the Line and Don't Worry Baby. Should prove to be delightful for anyone listening. I hope haha.

Love, Sarai


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Anonymous said...

I luh yew. And ducks.