Monday, April 16, 2012

It Feels Like Years Since It's Been Here

Cardigan-Old Navy

Ahhhh. Sorry about the leave of absence my babies! I hated to be so gone, but it's finals weeks, and last week was leading up to finals week, and I'm just completely exhausted.
So yeah.
But also, my darling boyfriend got his mission call, and no matter how happy I am for him, I'm still sad because he's leaving me :(
But it's okay.
Also, life has been intense lately.  I've met Dane's grandparents, and they are wonderful, I've met his parents via skype, and I was so insanely nervous. I was the most awkward person in the world, but hopefully they don't hate me haha.
But yeah. Also, school kills me a little bit.

Love, Sarai

PS: this song makes me laugh every single time. cheers!

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