Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yellow Alligator

Hey everyone. 
So I guess you could consider Nancy and I the worst bloggers ever...
How long has it been since I posted? Five years? Possibly.

Anyway, things I love right now:

My new roommates-Kitty and Caity. These girls are the best, and they're crazy. We crank that One Direction CD like there's no tomorrow.

My Apartment. I have an apartment? Say what? That's what adults have...

Chocolate cake-It's just too good not to love

Red Stoneware... Audrey (the other roommate) and I bought some and it's the best. It makes my heart sing!

Gold glitter heels will always be my favorites

My sweet boy. The Danster. I miss that kid so much. I'm supposed to go to Texas, but I just got the bad news that that might not happen... sad day. 

Shoot. I don't know how this list turned sad. Welp. That's lame.

Love, Sarai


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