Sunday, May 27, 2012

Drops from Heaven


To me, it's a glorious day when it rains and pours all up in Happy Valley, UT. I'm not a big fan of the desert. Most people seem to love the warm, gross air. I prefer the slightly blustery, rainy, overcast days. For a few days, I was craving sun, when winter seemed like it would never end. Then I remembered I dislike summer, and think fall is perfect. So that ended that pretty fast. Right now all I want to do is buy duck boots, and wear my maxi skirts, and cuddle up under a blanket with a chunky knit sweater on. That's it folks.

Lately, I've been contemplating the idea of moving to DC after I graduate. I can just imagine how fun it would be to live there. Not that it's a plan, but I just keep seeing other bloggers there, and I see how beautiful it is, and I find myself wanting to be there. Or New York even. But NY, although I love it, is a little bit too fast-paced for me, maybe. Or maybe just too crowded? I don't know. I'm all a flutter with new ideas. WHICH reminds me. I have a great idea for a new creative video that I will be making very shortly. I hope you're excited! Because I am :)

Love, Sarai


If you feel the spirit today, be sure to leave a holler in the comments, because this song gets me every time

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Modest Finder said...

I love your style!!! Also find a lot of thrift stuff and stuff vintage that's modest. You are soooo cute!!! Right now I'm crazy about empress couture and so happy they're opening up an online boutique :) Have to come back here and check out future posts from you. xx