Friday, June 8, 2012

I Miss the Old

I miss this..

Oh, and this:

I miss my sweet boy-I probably wouldn't miss him as much if he were able to talk to me right now, but he's in the wilderness backpacking with his best friend. But also, he's leaving on his mission (for our church) in July. Oh how I'll miss him.

And then also I miss Nancy and Celeste. These ladies are my rocks, my foundation, my loves. I miss our late night sleepovers, our food, our talks, all of it. Hopefully Nancy will be moving to Provo soon so that she can transfer to BYU. Yayayayayay!

So update on my life:

I got a second job! At Victoria's Secret. It's like my little dream place, with all the pink, and the bows, lace, bras, panties, smelly yummy things.

I've literally bought only black clothes and accessories the last few days. Because that's our uniform. I enjoy it though. It gives me an excuse to shop ;)
So at the moment, besides the missing people and my new job, nothing else is really happening...

But, Nancy sent me this song, saying it made her think of Dane and I.

Love, Sarai

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