Monday, July 16, 2012

First Day of My Life

(first picture)

When I first started dating the Danester, I knew we would break up eventually. We had a time limit on our relationship--an expiration date, if you will. I knew this, I knew it and I still let myself fall head over toes in love with this sweet boy. Honestly, the boy is the best first love a girl could request. He's passionate, yet withdrawn, and intelligent, and the sweetest guy in the world. Strangely, he tends to hide his sweet parts. He relies on the sarcastic comments he spews at people to pretend that he's not a big mush ball, the same way I am. Although he's not nearly as bad.

So there it is. I let it happen. I fell in love with a boy who knows me better than I know myself. I used to be able to pretend I wasn't crying when we talked on the phone, but now he can hear the tears, even if they haven't even fallen yet. It's amazing.

So the boy leaves on his mission on Wednesday. For all of you non-LDS readers, a mission is a two year hiatus from the world for our church where our young men serve the Lord and attempt to spread his gospel. It changes these young men, in a good way.

There you have it folks. The gist of our relationship-unexpectedly passionate and spontaneous. But also comfortable in every good way. Our first meeting was on a Sunday, when we started talking at Tunnel Singing. Then our first "date" was to hike the Y. Then we had a sweet and adorable first kiss under a tree on a bench outside May Hall. oh how I miss him. This is my first "missing" too. I feel a little dead inside.

Love, Sarai


I am sad


Jane said...

Awww :( Now I am sad too. Keep your chin up!

katilda said...

even if this post made me feel sad for you...i have to say good work on the bright eyes cover!

Elisabeth G. said...

Hey girl! Found you from the first in love link-up. :) :) I hear ya, girl! Sending those missionaries off is oh so sad! :)

Tina said...

I know how hard that is! I found you from the first in love link up too, and I love this! You can do this. :)

Shelby said...

I am in a similar situation. I leave for college in a month and my boyfriend goes to Idaho two weeks later, putting 19 hours between us. next summer he leaves on his mission leaving me all sad and lonely! but at the same time, I can't wait for him to go and tell be all about it! and I think when it gets hard, just think about how great the reunion will be! :)

Harley said...

you got this.
the time goes by fast.
some days are harder than others,
but the best part is that when they get back you get to spend forever making up for it.

your cover is awesome.

Cai said...

I'm sorry Sarai. :( You like him much more than I do! haha.
It sucks, but writing letters sometimes is sweeter than phone calls, right? Kind of romantic?
Hoping these 2 years pass fast and that everything works out between you two. <3