Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Finally Got Tagged

Seriously guys. Nancy and I never get tagged in those cool chain blogger things. But Dane's lil sister Cai tagged us! This means I'm finally posting...
It's this thing called the Liebster? It's for small blogs. Anyways, you post eleven things about yourself, then answer the taggers eleven questions, and write eleven of your own. So here's to trying this thing out...

Eleven things about me:

1. If you can be addicted to books, I am. I love reading. When I first tried to read, I couldn't very well. Five years old, sucking at the reading thing. Then one day in the car, I just started reading. It just happened. Like that. Then I skipped the kid book phase and started reading Harry Potter.

2. I cry more than is probably healthy. It's a combination of my dramatics, nervousness, general anxiety, high emotions, overactive tear ducts. But the last time I cried was saying goodbye to Dane when I came back to Utah. Killer guys. Killer.

3. There is a small part of me (or not so small) that wishes that pirates like the ones in the Pirates movies still existed, and a hot one would just sweep me off my feet, and we would sail the world as sexy swashbuckling people.

4. Rain is my favorite weather. There is nothing better. the end.

5. If I could live in rainboots, tights, and dresses, I would.

6. I don't wish I was tall, but I wear six inch heels anyway

7. I could probably watch reruns of Friends for the rest of my life and not get bored

8. I find it fun to work at a lingerie store. Pass judgement all you want

9. I bore my testimony for the first time in sacrament meeting this last Sunday. Terrifying, yet great

10. I have a deep crush on Steve Carrel, Jorma Taccone (the other guy in Lonely Island)

11. I dislike Utah, but I love BYU

And now for Cai's questions!

1. What is your ultimate goal in life?
Just to be happy. Right now that means get married to an amazing man (possibly her brother..), raising four beautiful kids together, and loving each other for eternity

2. Something you could eat at any time and not get sick of it?
Cheddar Cheese. It's delicious in everything. Don't argue with that

3. Your #1 go-to accessory?
The watch my Daddy got me for my nineteenth birthday.

4. The one person you're closest to?
Agh can I choose two? Nancy and Dane. Favorite people ever.

5. Your happiest moment?
Probably when I got into BYU. I was terrified that I wouldn't.
Or when Dane said "I love you" for the first time. I cried I was so happy. Such a sap..

6. One place you would love to retire?
Italia! Or Rhode Island. So random haha

7. The best AND worst movie you've seen?
Best: Pride and Prejudice.
Worst: The My Scene movie. I don't even remember anything about it. It's just that bad.

8. A song so good it gives you chills?
Chasing Cars. Kills me every time guys

9. Something you like to eat that everyone thinks is gross?
Idk, Octopus? I don't really eat that regularly. But I know a lot of people that wouldn't try it. Or sushi. So many lovers, so many haters. Or peanuts and cheddar cheese.

10. Your favorite way to work out?
To NOT work out. Or yoga. Sometimes. And sometimes I just dance it out.

11. Do you have a security item? (For example, a baby blanket that you hold on to, etc.)
My teddy bear, or my guitar. So my favorites.

As for blogs.. Shoot. I know so few:

genuinely all I can think of.
done now...

Love, Sarai

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