Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Could It Be?

Bicycle Earrings-Icing
Dress-Forever 21
Tights-Forever 21
Turquoise Ring-Icing
Goldfish Ring-Icing
Bird Nest Ring-Icing

I know it's a complete photo overload. Just bear with me on this...

As I've said before, I hate waiting. I hate not knowing. And right now I'm in a bit of a bind. I don't want to be pathetic, and throw myself out there, becoming an open target, opening myself to the potential humiliation, and the almost certain heartache. Yet I also don't want to be done. I don't want to be the one waiting, the one who sits by the phone, hoping that this time, this one time, I was right about someone. That's not a very fun person to be. So all I want to know, is could it be done? Could this be it?

I'm so dramatic, it's almost painful even for me to read what I just wrote...

Welp, anyway, please enjoy the beautiful bunnies that are so perfectly a part of my life right now. I think all I need is Diana, Pompeii, Iroh, and Grey's Anatomy. And Nancy. The end.

Love, Sarai


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sugar Plums

Sometimes, you just need to buy a set of bunnies with your roommate. Because that makes you happy. The end.

Welcome home Iroh & Pompeii

Love, Sarai


They love each other...

Friday, September 14, 2012


For some reason, fall always feels like a new beginning. A sort of "new year" without all of the huplah. So a new year of course calls for new hair and new clothes. Here's what i've been dreaming about lately:

the color, length, waves... i die!

sexy loose button-ups and polk-a-dots

black mary jane heels and bows.

I can't wait for temperatures to drop and get snuggly in layers and layers of clothes! And those sexy button-ups ;)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Somewhere Only We Know

Goldfish Ring-Icing
Turquoise Ring-Claire's

Do you ever have profound moments with someone? I love those moments. When you're making a decision, or you're saying something important, or you're just simply being with each other. Those are my favorite moments. Those are the dots that connect all the little moments to the big moments, and make us all big confusing maps. I'm rambling now. But what I'm trying to say, is that I had one of those profound moments last night, with someone intriguing. And the song "Somewhere Only We Know" was playing. It hit me like a ton of bricks: sometimes the familiar seems more appealing, because it's simple. It's something we know, something we can analyze, something we can hold and feel simply by the muscle memory of it all. But sometimes, the nostalgia isn't the most important part of our lives, and we need to realize that new and exciting is as wonderful as it sounds. I miss a lot of things. And that's scary. But, upon my happenstances last night, I realized that there are new things for me to learn, new things to grow in, and new things to love. So it's alright to let them change, and it's alright to trust new people, and to let my guard down a little. Or maybe a lot. Anyway, now I'm done being obnoxious, and talking about my ridiculous life. 

The end...

Also, here's a picture of me falling while Sydney tried to take my picture. ENJOY.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day to Remember


I consider this to be one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. It's heartbreaking though. This man, whose identity is unknown (as far as my knowledge goes), jumped from the twin towers when they were destroyed eleven years ago. His pose, so graceful, and seemingly serene, is surreal. It's tranquil, in the face of all this danger. And it's so sad, because this is the fall of someone who has given up, but who would rather fall to his death, than die in the tower. 

I remember September Eleventh, two thousand and one, the same way I remember things that happened only one year ago. I was woken by my sister, I think, and I ran downstairs, not understanding why she wanted me to go watch TV at this hour in the morning. I burst into my parents bedroom, and my mom was sitting on the bed, watching the news. Despite the fear that I now know my mother must have been feeling, she never once showed that fear to me. I cannot recall her being scared, yet I know that there is no way she wasn't. I love and respect her so much for that. I was already scared, but if my mother had acted upon the fear she must have been feeling, I would have been a complete mess. I remember going to school, not knowing what to do with my messy brain, and then having to rewatch footage in every single class, which only terrified me more. My Dad worked in a small warehouse-like building at the time, and even though there was no reason he would ever be targeted for a terrorist attack, I was so scared for my daddy. I thought for sure he would be attacked.

So that's my 9/11 story. I can't imagine how horrible it must have felt to actually know someone who died that day. I can only be grateful that all my loved were not harmed.

As my roommate pointed out, it's interesting that we went through this at such a young age (approximately eight years old), because now we will be the oldest living people someday who actually remember the details of the event. Those younger than us might have a hard time being legitimately aware of the events, and therefore when we're one hundred years old, we'll still be telling the story, and they might be a bit fuzzy on the details. Just a thought, I suppose. 

Love, Sarai


Monday, September 10, 2012


Pearl top-thrifted
goldfish ring-Icing
turquoise ring-Claire's

I wish I was a supremely social creature. But unfortunately, I'm not. I think I used to be, but then I started dating Dane, and I just stopped being a little flirt. I don't even love being social honestly, but I figure it's the right thing to do, despite my misgivings...

Some things I'm loving lately:

this quote: All life is just a progression toward, and then a recession from, one phrase--"I love you" F Scott Fitzgerald

My peach skirt

My high heels

Julian Casablancas

Letters from Dane

waking up to texts that say "sweet girl"


tea parties

Love, Sarai

Sunday, September 9, 2012

adventures, dead camera, and being a loner

Sunrise on the side of the mountain

Mt. Hood

St. Helens

The Pops

Blue Lake

wading through to the waterfall

the sign that told us not to climb on the logs

we did it anyway

 Sorry for the overload on nature pictures. My camera is currently dead and it seems like my dad took my mom's two week absence as cue to go on as many hiking adventures as possible.
 I have to say, climbing over the log dam and wading through the water to the waterfall was my favorite. Now my mom is back and my search for a job and friends continues. Here's to being at home for far too long!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Pencil Dreams

Top-Borrowed from Diana
Socks-Forever 21
Sunglasses-Forever 21
turquoise ring-Claire's
Goldfish ring-Icing

I want to be a filmmaker
I want to be an innkeeper
I want to be a wedding planner
I want to be a mother
(the most)
I want to be a fashion designer
I want to be a writer

I've realized in the last few days that I may or may not know what I want to do with my life. Sometimes I think being a filmmaker is the only thing I could ever want to do

But sometimes, I want to be a wedding planner. To create the wonderful memories that people cherish forever.

On the other hand, Nancy and I have this pipe dream of opening an inn.

And I always want to draw clothes that I want to make. So I start to think maybe that's the real direction my life should take.

I love writing though. I write disconnected sentences that convince me I'm a real writer...

But in the end, I suppose the thing I want most is to have a baby...

Love, Sarai