Sunday, October 28, 2012

Five in the Morning

Lace tee-Gifted
Bike-Business class project

You may not think that I look very impressive today. But the thing is, Diana and I stayed up until five in the morning to watch Grey's Anatomy. Again. And then we went to church, and no one would've guessed we had stayed up that late. No one has a clue that inside my brain I was imploding from tiredness, and I couldn't take in an entire word of the lessons today.... Whoopsie. 

We had a great time watching our show though, so who really cares if we were basically dead today? 

In other news, I got a bike on Saturday. And it was free! Now that's pretty great... It was all for a business project where our group started with a rock and traded it up until we got this bike. It cost us only an hour of door-to-door knocking! If that isn't top-notch, I don't know what is :)

Love, Sarai



Todd said...
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Todd said...

I had a clue, I actually kinda knew... hey that rhymed! Im a rhyming machine today :)