Friday, October 12, 2012

I promise...

I promise you all I do get dressed in the mornings. And actually wear cute things. In fact, my wonderful Aunt just bought me some gorgeous t-strap heels that I had been lusting over. How much greater can life get with little surprises like that?

Anyway, I guess I should update everyone on why I haven't been blogging (other than i'm just lame). First of all, the only camera I have right now is my phone. Second of all, i'm living in Boise with my grandparents until Christmas to help them out a bit. My grandma just got out of a two month hospital stay after a surgery gone wrong, and my gramps has alzheimers so they need a little extra help and i've got the time being out of school until January and all... It's quite the little adventure though. I can give shots now, hook up feeding tubes, flush drains, and talk about medical things like I really know what's going on (which I don't).
Since I don't have any pictures, here's a video that I really love! So great!
p.s. I'm thinking about going blonde. Thoughts?

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Brandi said...

they do say blondes have more fun ;)