Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my big news

Well guys, it's about time I told you the news Sarai mentioned a bit ago in this post (btw, her coat in that post is just fabulous). Here it goes... i'm ENGAGED! Psych, I just feel like that's the news everyone expects from a young single mormon girl. 
Okay, i'll stop beating around the bush. I'm going to BYU this winter!!! And Sarai and I will be roommates!! It's our dream come true, literally. When I found out, I stared at the computer for a couple seconds not sure if I was reading "admitted" correctly or not. After I came to my senses, I immediately texted Sarai, called my mom (whose reaction was rather unsatisfactory), and then called Sarai, who I knew would not disappoint in the reaction category.   
It's going to be glorious! Here's to the days filled with Sarai; watching all of our favorite movies, eating baked goods, indulging our creative selves, and basking in wonderful music. And school of course, can't forget about that! Hah.

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