Thursday, November 8, 2012

Long Over


I know these are old pictures.. they're from Halloween for goodness sakes. But I couldn't leave them un-blogged! If only for the look on Pompeii's face in half the pictures...

So at work last night, I was supposed to leave at ten. And I'm not complaining right now, but seriously, we were there until eleven thirty. Working on panties. Just. Panties. Because today is panty raid. Which means little teenage girls with ridiculously destructive hands will mess all my perfectly folded panties up...

That's depressing...

Anyway, so we spent a million years folding those panties in color-coded order, and that always makes me want to color-code all my own panties! Which is ridiculous, and takes forever. But then it looks so pretty! And I have a lot of those suckers, let me tell ya. It's probably excessive, but when I'm sad, a new pair of panties just makes me happy! It's my version of eating an entire chocolate bar.

Love, Sarai


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Rachel Sayumi. said...

i used to work at VS! omg. folding panties forrrrrrrrrrEVER! Especially during semi-annual {shoot me}. them women be cray