Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Fable of the Fatal Optimist


Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a fatal optimist.

She frolicked through life, hoping that someone would live up to her expectations, and hoping that someone would fulfill her wildest dreams

{These particular-and peculiar-dreams may or may not have involved Jimmy Stewart lassoing the moon for her}

This girl went along her merry way, letting her hopes and dreams build up to an excruciatingly painful height-a height that would be devastatingly awful to fall from. But did she ever stop hoping? Of course not. Then there'd be no fable.

So she met some interesting people, who she believed would each fulfill her dreams. But did they? Naturally, they did not. This may have caused brief moments of doubt in her heart, although nothing could really have stopped her from believing that everyone was good, and wonderful, and wanted to make her happy.

One time, she met a sweet boy, who loved her very much. She wondered whether she should let herself love him. But luckily, someone told her "It's okay, just let it happen. It will be glorious!"

And it was. And then he had to leave.

Which should have changed her. But it didn't.

Then she met someone else, who didn't love her as much, and he maybe didn't want to be there. But she liked him well enough, and even though his tendencies would've been worrying to anyone else, she wasn't like those other people. She heard in a movie "It's okay, just let it happen. It will be glorious!" So she listened to the movie. And he hurt her the tiniest bit. But then she was okay again. She has a pretty fast bounce back rate.

And then she met a lovely gentleman, not unlike the wonderful Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. He seemed like a pretty nice guy.

{Although, let's be honest, he's not Jimmy Stewart. But then again, who is?}

The girl held him in high regard. But he wasn't necessarily reciprocating the feelings that she was sending out. And everyone around her was telling her not to hope, and not to be an optimist, and not to make believe that movies can come true. So she stopped. And she decided it didn't matter.

{But it did}

During a period of reflection, she remembered the words "It's okay, just let it happen. It will be glorious!". So then, she decided...


{Which is a very, very, good thing to be}

Love, Sarai


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