Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Whenever I have an event, be it the first day of school, or a wedding reception, I imagine exactly what I'll be wearing for that occasion. And generally, these ideas are almost impossible to explain to other people. Although with Nancy, I can almost always describe it perfectly.

But, the majority of the population does not speak my confusing language. So I draw pictures of what I imagine myself wearing. Granted, the women wearing the clothes are willowy and skinny, nothing at all like my actual true-to-life body. But it's what I see in my mind's eye. 

This particular picture is what I envision myself wearing on New Years Eve when I have a small, classy party with Nancy and various other friends. I want to find a black vintage dress to wear with my sparkly silver tights, black bow-toed shoes, and a glittery pink party hat that I'll be making shortly.

I love sketching my plans out :)

Love, Sarai


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Bri Rios said...

You are so talented!!! I want a sketch :D