Monday, December 31, 2012


Our resolution/theme for 2013

Tonight Sarai and I are hosting a New Year's party. It shall be awesome and filled with wishful thoughts of first kisses at midnight with some handsome menfolk. 
My nails are sparkly, my hair is curled, and there's bubbly{sparkling cider} chilling in the refrigerator. Let the festivities begin!! 


Friday, December 28, 2012



Being best friends, is just the best. I would be so lost without this girl right hurr. So tomorrow (or technically today...), will be the start of a new era of Nancy & Sarai. We've known each other since we were three years old, and no one will ever quite understand us I don't think. Except Celeste. She comes pretty dang close...
Anyway, we're almost roommates. Just a few more hours, and it's official. I have a feeling that for a little while it's going to feel like a sleepover... and then we'll snap out of it and get down to business..

Folks, I'm just really excited.

If you can't tell...

Love, Sarai


Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Newsletter

With the year coming to a close, and so much coming to an end, we thought we'd respost these wonderful Christmas photos for you and your loved ones, along with a sort of "year in review" for those who maybe aren't quite as caught up on our daily lives.

This year Seth decided on his future career, namely being a hunter gatherer. If that doesn't work out then he is going to work at In-'N-Out instead. And if that fails then he applied to medical school as a last resort. He also vastly improved his hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking, and strategy skills... yeah.

Joel Christensen spent the first half of this year partying it up in Beijing on the government's dime. He is pleased to report that these were well-spent tax payers dollars. Taking a break from the constant partying, he returned in the U.S. in June, welcomed his brother home from his mission and was an instrumental part of his sister's wedding. This last semester, facing an 18 credit class load Joel spent several months whimpering under his bed but recently emerged in the hope that all those horrible teachers and assignments have gone away.

Michael finished his first semester as a grad student and a calculus teacher. He had a lot of fun teaching his students and found that grading isn't so bad. Michael also started dating Caroline Faulkner, who is a fantastic person. Caroline studies Teaching Social Sciences, and is planning on teaching History, Geography and Economics at a high school when she graduates.

This past year, Stephen failed all of his classes one semester in a misguided attempt to work in a semi useful major, namely Information Technology. He now has settled with the English major because he "can kind of speak English good." He also watched a lot of Law and Order re-runs.

After outsourcing himself to China last year, working for half of minimum wage at a programming sweat shop, Ben was glad to return to the US in 2012. Ben is still attending BYU and looking forward to all his friends graduating without him.

During the year 2012, Diana, became pregnant with twins* who she plans to name Justin Bieber and Nedbert. They might be due in April. Something like that. She also became engaged multiple times*, but broke them all off because she "just wasn't feelin' it". She is now preparing to serve a mission in Ukraine. She reports in March. She also became addicted to the popular primetime TV show "Grey's Anatomy" (this may be Sarai's fault).

Just before quitting her job at Icing (where she made little girls cry daily by stabbing holes into their ears), Sarai got hired at Victoria's Secret where she currently makes her daily wages by selling white bras to the women of Utah.  She also made friends with all these boys in these pictures, although she's sometimes not sure why. As soon as the New Year starts, she will be living with her very best friend, and having adventures galore, such as Unicorn hunting.

{not pictured}

Matt Wise is also pregnant with twins*, although no one is quite sure what he plans on naming them. Nothing else of importance happened to him this year.
Except he did kinda get a huge job offer in Texas. Which he took. Because he rocks the professional world and whatnot.

So there ya have it folks. A year in review from these wonderful people who all chose to live in the same complex, and thus became best friends.

Merry Christmas to all!


Sarai, Diana, Matt, Ben, Stephen, Michael, Joel, & Seth

*may or may not be completely made up

{And another great picture, for kicks and giggles}


Video quality is way awkward/awful, but this was a great spontaneous musical effort. Enjoy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

plans for the end of the world

Well, since the world is suppose to end sometime today, here are my plans:
1. clean my bathroom
2. do my hair for once
3. have some girl talk with Sarai {!!!}
4. put on a smashing outfit to hang with the girls tonight for our "annual sleepover" with the lovely Julia. {past sleepover here}
5. going out to dinner
6. watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' at the old theatre downtown

Kiggins Theatre back in the day via


Packing Light

I'm home!

I thought it would never happen....

But here I am! I'm helping my Mom make treats for the family Christmas day tomorrow, recording a sweet little Christmas ditty, and seeing It's a Wonderful Life with my sweet ladies. It's so great to be here. It's a busy weekend, but in the best way possible.

And I also decided to pack light, because I need to help Nancy bring things to Provo. So I'm making this trip on:

1 pair of ankle boots
1 pair of toms
1 vest
1 jacket
1 sweater
1 tee shirt
2 blouses
1 pair of pants
1 dress

and miscellaneous accessories...

let's see what happens folks!

Love, Sarai


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Whenever I have an event, be it the first day of school, or a wedding reception, I imagine exactly what I'll be wearing for that occasion. And generally, these ideas are almost impossible to explain to other people. Although with Nancy, I can almost always describe it perfectly.

But, the majority of the population does not speak my confusing language. So I draw pictures of what I imagine myself wearing. Granted, the women wearing the clothes are willowy and skinny, nothing at all like my actual true-to-life body. But it's what I see in my mind's eye. 

This particular picture is what I envision myself wearing on New Years Eve when I have a small, classy party with Nancy and various other friends. I want to find a black vintage dress to wear with my sparkly silver tights, black bow-toed shoes, and a glittery pink party hat that I'll be making shortly.

I love sketching my plans out :)

Love, Sarai


Monday, December 17, 2012

If Anyone Wants to Buy Me a Present...

I wish that I could buy a million presents for everyone I know. And still have money left over to buy that fabulous tulip print dress. Alas, I do not. 

But, as soon as a marry a rich big-shot, I'm pretty much set for life.

Love, Sarai


Friday, December 14, 2012

So Happy Together!

These are my boys

I convinced them to do awkward family Christmas pictures with Diana and I, and it was delightful. As you can see from the above photos, we are a goofy bunch of friends. Half these pictures are beyond ridiculous, and half of them are probably not very flattering. But, all of them are so completely our relationship. The guys invited Diana and I over for breakfast one morning when we had all just moved in, at the beginning of the semester. And ever since them, we've just gotten closer and closer. I have no problem just walking in at any given time, and I've been dubbed "the seventh roommate". Unfortunately, Matt, the actual sixth roommate, wasn't here today. He's in Texas reuniting with someone special

But anyway. 

I'm sad that Diana is moving out (she's going to serve a mission for our church!), but luckily Nancy will be moving in this next semester. So I'll get to live with my best friend, and the boys will still be here until they graduate. Oh gosh. Now that's a depressing thought...

I'll be updating this post as soon as all the boys send me their Christmas Newsletter Contributions. 

And on that note, Merry Christmas! Take pictures with someone you love :)

Love, Sarai


Thursday, December 13, 2012

the ocean

This weekend I'm going to the Oregon Coast. Some people don't understand the greatness of the beach in Oregon or Washington, but I never can seem to get enough of it. And going there in the winter? Are you crazy? Well, it's pretty much the same year round. Rain. Rain. Rain. 
There's a special sweetness there, though. The wind, the rain, the sandy shoes, the soaked jackets, the roaring waves. It does something for the soul. Don't give me those California beaches. I need me some  Pacific Northwest goodness. 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Your Christmas Face

Heels-JC Penny? Possibly...

Christmas! I'm loving this season. The holiday is almost here, and I still haven't picked out most of the presents I need to buy for people! But I'm surprisingly unstressed. Maybe it's because so many wonderful and delightful things have been happening lately to me. I feel this intense gratitude for the people that I know right now. I have the most loving and wonderful parents who constantly and willingly always come to my rescue. And I have a best friend who is planning on moving in with me pretty soon (yay for Nancy finally coming to Utah!), and I have a roommate who looks out for me every step of the way. It's awe-inspiring, is what it is. 

Isn't that sort of the meaning of this season though? Despite the fact that I'm poor, and tired all the time, and busy like no one's business, and struggling in pretty much all aspects of life, I can't even be that upset. Because everyone is just so wonderful, and Christmas is almost here. To think, we're about to celebrate the birth of our savior, and nothing could make me happier. I'm extra grateful because in two weeks I'm going home! It's only for a week, so that's kinda sad. But at least it's happening at all, right? I can't wait to see my family, and sleep in a real house, and not have to cook for myself. Lately, I've been eating milk and cookies every step of the way. Mostly because I haven't gone grocery shopping, but also because I just don't feel like cooking. It's a wonderful life here in Provo ;)

OH! I recently asked a boy on a date. We're friends, so that's scary in and of itself. But, as far as I know, the date went well. So here's to being brave!

Love, Sarai


Friday, December 7, 2012


Folks. I must say, I'm the worst at deciphering signals. Men, men, men confuse me to no end! 

I have some limited experience with dating, relationships, love, the whole big dramatic joke. But I still, one hundred percent, suck at reading signals. I can flirt like no one's business, but the perceptions of the opposite gender.. I haven't the foggiest. 

But, I would like to say that I love it all. I don't even care that it confuses me. At least I have something to think about. 

Also, I love that above picture. I have a certain experience where I loathed someone with a small but still fiery passion, and as soon as I got over myself, I realized that he is an incredible person. Truly, a delight. Although he's a confusing delight...

Anyway, here's to second impressions!

Love, Sarai