Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lips Lips Lips

Outfit Details:
Blouse-Decades Vintage
Lipstick-Rimmel Bordeaux

Leather Jacket-Nordstrom

Nancy and I have decided that our latest obsession is lipstick. I mean, we've always loved it. Don't you doubt that. It's been a fun few years of figuring out colors and formulas that we like. However, it wasn't until just a few days ago that we realized that the main things missing from our every day outfits was... lipstick! I mean why not be the people who wear it every day??

So here it goes! We're going to wear lipstick every day until Christmas! This photo counts for yesterday, meaning twenty-nine days left. Lipstick for days! 30 days, to be exact. 

Love, Sarai


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Spookiest of Months..

I finally have Halloween pictures!

The first dress up was for a ward Halloween party, where Nancy, Hannah, and I dressed up as The Aristocats. It was absolutely adorable!

And Porter was Wesley, and Carson was a sailor. The cutest sailor alive, might I add?

We had so much being cats! I thought it was a pretty creative costume, thanks to Nancy, who is apparently fantastic at costumes.

And then for a tri-stake dance, that wasn't even our stake, we went as... SILENT FILM STARS!

I have to say, this is the cutest couple.. er, best friend, costume I've ever seen! I'm a big fan.

This was my favorite picture of the night. A friendly werewolf really wanted to take a picture with me. So it ended up looking like a creepy classic film thriller! I love it.

Love, Sarai


Monday, November 11, 2013

Old Souls

Dress/Belt: Decades Vintage (In SLC)
Tights: Victoria's Secret

If I could only wear vintage clothing for the rest of my life. Oh boy. I would smell like a Grandmother's attic.  I definitely might have yesterday at church... But in my defense, I was not only wearing a vintage dress, but a vintage corset also. Yes. I wore a corset. I found it at the same store where I chanced upon this perfect dress. It wasn't uncomfortably tight--in fact, in the words of my new friend Katia "It just feels like a tight hug". And it did! I mean sitting down felt kind of weird at times, but it was still nice because it kept me all smoothed out under this dress. 

Interesting story about the corset actually; I picked up the only one that I thought was cute, and I tried it on. To my excitement, it fit perfectly! What a great chance! And then after buying it, I happened to glance down at the size. Which was actually my exact bra size. Well now, that is pretty miraculous. I am in love with it!

Nancy and I have actually made a decision to start collecting more vintage clothing and accessories. We are huge fans of beautiful clothing, and we want more of it! It's too bad we have almost no money...

So that's that. We've decided that we are officially vintage ladies. We need to go find ourselves some shops a bit closer than Decades... SLC is a bit of a commute.

Love, Sarai

PS: this song kind of makes me teary-eyed

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Love It

Shoes-Madden Girl
Bird Hairpin-Harmony (the tiny adorable shop in Provo)

I wish with all my heart that I had this one awesome video to show you right now...

Unfortunately, the video in question is on facebook and I'm technologically challenged enough to not know how to download it... 

It's a video that my adorable roommate Tiffany made of our summer together. It's this insanely awesome video that chronicles the roommates and various friends, set to all our favorite jams from these last four months. Tiff just moved out (she signed a contract elsewhere before she knew she would have such awesome roommates this summer), and sadly, Joanna also went back to UPEN. Well, if I can find a way to download that video, I will post it here. It's just so wonderful.

We danced a lot this summer, stuck our bodies out the window of cars, had late night chats about anythign and everything, stargazed, cuddled, watched movies, made a douche jar, threw paint and water and fake snow at each other. It was really my favorite summer here. Made even better by the presence of Spencer. Sadly he did not make the video cut.. sorry Goosey!

Anyway, all this to say, for basically the first time in my life, I'm not as excited for fall as I usually am. I don't have enough money to take classes this semester, so I don't get back-to-school excitement, and my favorite people are splitting up, moving on, living their lives. Although I will most certainly be excited to finally be able to wear sweaters and tights EVERY DAY. What magic is this?!?!


Love, Sarai


Friday, August 23, 2013

Hidden Gems

Nancy and I stumbled upon the most precious little shop today. It was this sweet little shop called "Harmony" on Center St. where a delightful great-aunt-type woman named Laura teaches classes about sewing, knitting, book binding, and then also sells the products needed for those various projects. There are also rooms filled to the brim with vintagey and kitschy treasures! It was a glorious little goldmine, just hanging out on the corner of a street that we had been down a few times before, and yet had never noticed.

We fell in love. I could easily have spent hours perusing the darling hairbows, the teacups, the paper lantern kits. They even sell those striped paper straws that every blogger seems in desperate need of. Oh and Washi tape, interestingly enough... 

On this same walk, Nancy and I found that most charming little fruit-surrounded blue house with its' little orange door. It basically made us wish we had an actual reason to own a home and whatnot. Which sadly, we do not. We're just poor college students as of the last two years. 

We also found that sweet birdhouse. How adorable can a birdhouse be I ask?

The postcard was a gem we found for our sweet roommate Hannah. She's certainly an enthusiast for all things nerdy and wonderfully geeky :)

And those hairpins? They are absolutely slaying me. Looks like I'll be trying that super-bloggy hairstyle with my non-existent bangs pulled off to the side with my new hairpins adorning so sweetly :)

I love those days when Nancy and I find little sweet hidden gems in this little place we call home right now. I'm trying not to dislike Utah. In fact, I think I'm succeeding. The other night I had this strange happiness when I was riding around through the streets. How odd...

But anyway, finding sweet little places like Harmony make the town easier and easier to love.

Love, Sarai


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Since Sliced Bread

What's the best thing since sliced bread? Obviously french toast at Kneaders.. unlimited guys! Whoever thought of unlimited french toast was pure genius...

A few days ago my roommates and our guys friends went out for a delicious french toast excursion. It was so wonderful-there's something so scrumptious about those giant slices of bread..

Also, we happened to see Brandon Davies. No big deal...

Also, I'm leaving for Lake Powell, like, right now! This is so exciting...

Love, Sarai


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back for Good

Shoes: F21
Dress: F21

Well folks it has been quite some time since I legitimately blogged. I mean, I could blame my lack of actually trying to look decent every day, but really, I'm just a lazy bum. End of story.

But, life has been pretty insane since I last got on here. Just lots of job moving (I quit Barnes & Noble), and lots of roommate dates, and plenty of hardware and even some hearts breaking. Luckily, I have pretty great friends, and a Mom like no other. She is so wonderful.

But, seeing as I've basically abandoned this blog, I propose a reinstatement of purpose. I am going to do this blog, and I am going to love it.

Love, sarai


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rainy Day

Tank-VS Pink
Shoes-Urban Outfitters

My goodness, I had such a delightful day! Spence and I were up pretty late last night, catching up after his week away. So I slept late, which was nice because I didn't have to work, and I could spend my day doing whatever I pleased. 
So I woke up, cleaned a little, then went out for a bit.
My roommates and I went out for ice cream and drinks, and then we welcomed a new family member! Tiffany brought her bunny, Sammy, home to us. 

So then I spent quite a bit of time with that little baby.

Then Spence got home, and we just dozed on the floor of my living room while Sammy frolicked around us.

Later that night we went to a family game night with Spencer's siblings. I was strangely nervous... which is odd because I pretty much have met his entire family. 

But, it ended up being way competitive, and way fun.

So this is Spence with Sammy.

And this is the diva herself!

Love, Sarai


Monday, May 6, 2013


Horse Dress-Target

I met some people in our ward, and this one guy had  a Brazilian hammock.. say what? That was pretty dang fun...

Making an apple pie :)

I am such a happy lady right now. Last night, my sweet boyfriend came home from California (he had left for the week), and it was just a delightful reunion. We haven't been dating very long, but he's a wonderful boy, and he makes me so much happier than anyone else ever has. I'm all twitterpated ;)

Which is, hilarious. I don't like boys who make me feel all gushy and crazy! That's so not my thing! But maybe it is now?

Spence doesn't fit my mold. But I like him for that :)

Love, Sarai