Saturday, January 26, 2013



Does anyone else live in Provo? I'm amazed by how foggy things have been. I'm from a town where moisture is always in the air, so fog is nothing new for me. But it's weird for it to be this misty here in the ol' Utah. It's normally so dry...

So the other day, in my Sundance post, I talked about how we saw this great band called Bramble perform. Well we ended up going to one of their shows the next day. And now I have a date as the result of that...
I ended up talking to the banjo/guitar player for a while, and he was really such a sweet guy. We talked about traveling, and things like that. And I just felt really happy and excited when talking to him. And then he asked me on a date. And I'm super-excited, but also nervous. Gah. I'm a dating mess.

Be brave, 



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