Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my dear Seri! We've been friends since we were three, hanging out in nursery with Celeste. Now you're a full-blown adult. The big 2-0! No more of that teen stuff. How did we get here?  It seems like we're still 17, hanging out in my basement watching Pride and Prejudice every weekend. Now, we're talking about graduating from COLLEGE. Seri, I love you very much and can't wait for our single ladies life in Boston with our bakery. 


P.S. You know how I used to write silly little poems for people? Well, I'm starting that tradition again. So here you go!

Friends since '96-
We give each other the kicks.
Separated for a time 
But now as inseparable as limes.
Let's bake a cake
And live by a lake,
You feisty little snake. 

P.P.S. Here's an incriminating video of our friend from Sarai's birthday party this weekend. Celine Dion forever! {sorry, it's horrible quality and sideways}

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