Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sentimental Heart

On Nancy:
Shoes-Urban Outfitters? (I really don't know)

On Sarai:
Jacket-American Eagle

Today was a Saturday that was altogether confusing. We woke up and cleaned the entire apartment, and then decided that we needed to find people to do things with. And no one wanted to do anything.  Which was very much bothersome. So instead of going out and having a jolly good time, we just decided to homebodies instead. This included watching multiple episodes of community, going for a walk, and me having a ridiculous art moment where I epiphanied myself into working on something for once.  I sometimes get so caught up in school, and work, and I forgot why I really exist. Which is to create. That's my passion. The form of art is less important; the creation is the most important thing. So I put music on and suddenly it came to me what to do. I'm a sentimental girl. As in, don't mess with the tiny moments. I will kill for those. So I created. And I'm actually really happy with the finished project...

Be brave, and channel what you're feeling, even if it's scary, and create something beautiful,


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