Friday, March 15, 2013

A Crush

Flats-Forever Young

Ladies and Gents. Stare into my eyes in these photos and you will be staring into the soul of the world's WORST dancer. It's basically an award that they're giving out these days. I just got back from my jazz lab, and oh goodness sakes. How does a person who isn't clumsy at all in their normal life (we're talking walking in six inch heels guys) become the most uncoordinated person alive when dancing occurs?

It's terrifying. I'm always so awkward...

Also, can I just point out the ridiculous length of my hair in that bottom picture? I'm pulling on a strand, and it's down by my hips! What in the freak?

Also, I have a crush. It may or not be on the entire band "the Lumineers". Everything. The band, the clothes, the music, the girl, the boys. I love it all.

Oh, also, I have a crush on a person. But that's unimportant. He's just a cute musician man.

Love, Sarai


I have this song stuck in my head, but in the best possible way


Cai said...

my friends and i are going to see the lumineers in april in austin, tx. don't hate me, but i'm NOT A FAN WHATSOEVER. (my best friend's parents bought the tickets). COME WITH US <3

Carrie M. Jackson said...

You look very lovely! ♥

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You look always good in very outfit. Stay blessed.