Monday, March 25, 2013

City of Salt Pt. 1

{I promise I don't take myself seriously... the gate was running away from me, and Syd got a shot right as I awkwardly looked at her while trying to pull the gate back to me...}

{Also, my best friend is such a babe}

cardigan-no idea
watch-Nancy's grandma

These are only a few of the millions and billions of pictures that Sydney and I took the other day when we were in SLC. We went down simply to have a girls day. It started at Toasters, where we got the most delicious of all avocado sandwiches. Then we moseyed on over to the library, where we ended up buying a handful of delightful and fantastic books. I have a thing for books...

Then we took a kajillion pictures on the roof. It was great. Sydney makes me look fantastic, even when I'm looking a lil bit frumptastic.

After some book perusal, and a random creepy guy following us around, we chanced upon the capitol building. It was a marvelous place for a photoshoot, as you can see. And these are honestly not even close to half of the pictures we took. It gets a little ridiculous when we get together...

But, we met a strange political man there... more on that another time..

For the moment, I'll just wax poetic about how hectic and crazy my life can be. I'm looking into getting a car, and I'm starting a second job, just as finals are about to start.. why am I so crazy?

Also. That musician that I have a crush on? He's pretty fantastic. We've been talking to each other for quite some time, and we finally hung out in real life, and I must say, I've never met anyone quite like him. It's strange, how you can just be minding your own business, when everything suddenly changes, and you have to just gasp and go "oh. So that's the reason". That was a bit of a ramble. But suffice to say, I don't always make the smartest choices with men. I've been known to give people the benefit of the doubt more often than not, and it can be a bit of a challenge. But. Everything is wonderful now :)

Love, Sarai



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