Monday, April 15, 2013

Finals Week

This ridiculously classy ring (not really) is all mine! Thanks to the spandex-clad man who proposed to me in the Wilk... sweet. 

I can't seem to get enough of Hemingway right now. I read this one, then I read the Paris Wife, which is about him, and now i'm reading the Sun Also Rises. I'm in love guys.

Also, this is me in a clock dress, probably right after reading. It's my favorite dress, and I hate to waste it on people who aren't worth it. So it's extra-special :)

so anyway. Finals are going on right about now. So basically the last few weeks of my life have been crazy enough for me to feel like never going to school again. I kid you not, it's really that bad right now. I'm just tired, and wanting to sleep all the time. Oh! Fun fact about me--when I get nervous/anxious/stressed, or any combination of those adjectives, I am a wreck, and I can't eat. So basically, that means I realized about halfway through my day that I actually had not eaten a single thing today. Now how's that for super-messed up? awesome...

But also, I would like to point out a few really great things. I have noticed the Lord's hand in my life so often lately. Everything about my life has been stressful, and crazy. But somehow, it all has managed to work out quite nicely. I really think that anyone who is not relying on the Lord is missing out on how wonderful is feels to know that someone is there, watching over me, directing my path, creating new ones for me when old ones get destroyed. For example. Work is a stressful mess sometimes, but somehow I have two great jobs, and I'm excelling quite nicely at both.
Or with school. I was actually pretty worried about my grades, but through the tender mercies of understanding professors, things have been falling into place. Not without a lot of hard work on my end, but still.
And love. I'm not in a place to speak about my love life in depth. But that sweet musician I had a crush on? I think he's altogether bad news. And thankfully, I came to understand that before things got heavy. Now I'm just going on some great dates :)

So anyway, I just hope that we can all take a moment to open our eyes and our hearts and remember that we're not doing it alone :)

Love,  Sarai


So excited for this to come out...

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