Friday, August 23, 2013

Hidden Gems

Nancy and I stumbled upon the most precious little shop today. It was this sweet little shop called "Harmony" on Center St. where a delightful great-aunt-type woman named Laura teaches classes about sewing, knitting, book binding, and then also sells the products needed for those various projects. There are also rooms filled to the brim with vintagey and kitschy treasures! It was a glorious little goldmine, just hanging out on the corner of a street that we had been down a few times before, and yet had never noticed.

We fell in love. I could easily have spent hours perusing the darling hairbows, the teacups, the paper lantern kits. They even sell those striped paper straws that every blogger seems in desperate need of. Oh and Washi tape, interestingly enough... 

On this same walk, Nancy and I found that most charming little fruit-surrounded blue house with its' little orange door. It basically made us wish we had an actual reason to own a home and whatnot. Which sadly, we do not. We're just poor college students as of the last two years. 

We also found that sweet birdhouse. How adorable can a birdhouse be I ask?

The postcard was a gem we found for our sweet roommate Hannah. She's certainly an enthusiast for all things nerdy and wonderfully geeky :)

And those hairpins? They are absolutely slaying me. Looks like I'll be trying that super-bloggy hairstyle with my non-existent bangs pulled off to the side with my new hairpins adorning so sweetly :)

I love those days when Nancy and I find little sweet hidden gems in this little place we call home right now. I'm trying not to dislike Utah. In fact, I think I'm succeeding. The other night I had this strange happiness when I was riding around through the streets. How odd...

But anyway, finding sweet little places like Harmony make the town easier and easier to love.

Love, Sarai


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