Monday, November 11, 2013

Old Souls

Dress/Belt: Decades Vintage (In SLC)
Tights: Victoria's Secret

If I could only wear vintage clothing for the rest of my life. Oh boy. I would smell like a Grandmother's attic.  I definitely might have yesterday at church... But in my defense, I was not only wearing a vintage dress, but a vintage corset also. Yes. I wore a corset. I found it at the same store where I chanced upon this perfect dress. It wasn't uncomfortably tight--in fact, in the words of my new friend Katia "It just feels like a tight hug". And it did! I mean sitting down felt kind of weird at times, but it was still nice because it kept me all smoothed out under this dress. 

Interesting story about the corset actually; I picked up the only one that I thought was cute, and I tried it on. To my excitement, it fit perfectly! What a great chance! And then after buying it, I happened to glance down at the size. Which was actually my exact bra size. Well now, that is pretty miraculous. I am in love with it!

Nancy and I have actually made a decision to start collecting more vintage clothing and accessories. We are huge fans of beautiful clothing, and we want more of it! It's too bad we have almost no money...

So that's that. We've decided that we are officially vintage ladies. We need to go find ourselves some shops a bit closer than Decades... SLC is a bit of a commute.

Love, Sarai

PS: this song kind of makes me teary-eyed

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