Monday, June 15, 2015

Farewell, Little One

It was a rough weekend in the Davila household. Sweet little Kilimanjaro, the blind rabbit, died on Friday morning. Jaro was no normal rabbit. He was obedient, and sweet, and adventurous, and curious, and above all, incredibly patient. With children who poked him and dragged him relentlessly, to adults who helplessly flailed as they attempted to hold a rabbit for the first time, and with me, who was still figuring out how exactly to care for a slightly blind rabbit. He also had a unique relationship with other animals. He was not scared, in the slightest, of cats, or dogs. He would sit there and either ignore them, or he would kiss them. Highly unusual--bunnies are scared of EVERYTHING. Although, to make up for his bravery in that department, Jaro was scared of things that normal bunnies enjoyed, such as jumping from heights, and playing in the grass. You can't win everything, right? 

Jaro, as cheesy as this sounds, changed lives. I can't explain the number of people who met Jaro with trepidation and fear, unsure of how to hold or treat a bunny. Or with the stigma that rabbits bite, rabbits smell, rabbits don't want to be held. Some people even had past, negative experiences. Jaro was the rabbit to change their minds about that. Sweet and patient, and up for anything, that bunny made people go from stiff and nervous to cooing and laughing at his antics within minutes. I will always treasure that about him. 

Kilimanjaro: Christmas 2013-June 12th, 2015)

Overload of pictures, NOW

One of the last pictures we actually took together.

Mommy-and-Bunny Yoga!

First day of school

Once upon a time I had RED hair

One really great thing about Jaro--he LOVED piggy-back rides

With his pet bunny. He was very protective. 

Bunnies sleep like they are dead

The very first day I got Jaro. I love you forever!

PS: I got a new bunny this weekend. His name is Olympus, Oly for short, and he is so stinkin' cute that I want to cry every time he does anything ever. 

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