Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eye Spasms

It's become impossible guys for me to take a picture with my eyes looking the same direction. Celeste calls it my "eye spasms" but its truth guys. I had surgery on one eye a few years ago to help it but also knowing I would have to have surgery again. I refuse though. It's stinky and I have to walk around for a month without makeup and a creepy bloody looking eye. My scar afterwards is cool though. Who else can say they have a scar on their EYEBALL! 
Well... in exactly TWO DAYS i'll be on a plane home for my sister's big day!!! I can't wait! And get this, mine and Sarai's flights leave one minute apart to the same place. Nuts right? We'll just have to hang out in the airport and be all sleepy together. 

Much love from the eye spasm weirdo

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