Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After much time spent in a car, Ross and I, as well as his roommates, ended up in Kolob Canyon and then Snow Canyon Memorial Day weekend. And then it was on to Vegas where a friend of a friend so generously opened his water park up for us to enjoy all day. I love exploring the red rocks and the canyons and the desert. I've always been a Pacific Northwest kind of girl, but as soon as you get me out of Provo and into the actual desert of Utah I'm pretty much smitten. There's something intensely satisfying about climbing all over a giant desert playground. One of the traits I love most in Ross is his unrelenting curiosity. Locked door? He'll try to open it. Things to climb and caves to explore? He'll be there as well. It's wonderful, because as much of a scaredy cat as I am sometimes, I genuinely enjoy nature and exploring every nook and cranny that I possibly can. These places were absolutely breathtaking. I can't wait to explore with him more!

Love, Sarai


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