Monday, September 5, 2011

The Talk

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shoes-thrifted Nordstroms

No no, not the S-E-X talk; the DTR talk. As in, Determine the Relationship. Personally I'm a big fan of knowing where my relationships are headed. Whether it's splitsville, or marriage, I have to know! Not that any of my relationships are headed towards marriage that is. I'm only eighteen....geez you freaks.
I had this talk with someone, because I personally like our little relationship, but I also don't want it to stay the way it is right now. I want it to turn into a real relationship, instead of a thing. So I asked. And I liked the answer I got. In about a week, you guys will know if we're actually official, or if things fizzled out...hahaha

So I'm kinda anticipatory....and excited :)

OH! Speaking of marriage.... I have two friends getting married in the next few months...and I'm freaking out! In a good, excited kind of way. One of these ladies is a friend I've had for years, and basically I get to help her do anything for the wedding that I want to. Which is good, because I'm obsessed with weddings. The other girl, I just met this semester. Known her for a few days, but already I can tell we're going to be good friends. And she kinda wants me to help her plan her wedding also, no big deal. Also, I get to make cupcakes for her wedding. So excited :)

But you know what I'm most excited about?
Lingerie. I'm going to buy them both a lot of sexy lingerie. It's going to be wonderful.

Love, Sarai

Obsessed with this song right now...
and also obsessed with the meaning behind it. I agree completely

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