Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Shirt-Alex gave it to me
Boots-Nancy (Delia's)
Elephant Necklace-gifted

Sorry for the hiatus. Nancy and I fail at blogging, because we love break, and each other, so we're buttheads to you. The end.
Anyway, break has been lovely, we both had a wonderful Christmas, and today we hung out and were lazy bums. Nancy corrects me: we're in the process of hanging out. We ate food, and talked for a while, and then realized we were super-tired, and we had to do something because it was only five and we were being old ladies. So we went to Target with Celeste, and that really didn't get us anywhere productive, being that we wandered the clearance aisles for a while and came out with a loofah. 
Then we went to see Footloose with Emma. It made us want to dance, and also to watch Kevin Bacon's original angry dance. Watch it. It'll change your life.
And that's pretty much it for today... we're probably going to fall asleep soon, even though it's like, ten thirty. Or as Nancy just said, she wants food. Maybe we'll do that instead of sleeping....

And for your enjoyment:

The ever awkward daisy frame.

Love, Sarai


we're listening to this right now...

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