Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lessons Outside


The weather was so wonderful and glorious today that we, meaning Kelly, Jessica, Jenny, and I decided that Sunday school should be outside. So I guess technically we skipped.... no big deal or anything. We just wanted to have class outside, and so we made it happen. Possibly the best decision we've ever made. We got inspired to ride bikes, and we decided we were all going to wear colored pants. A lot. We may have also seen the hottest guy at BYU walk right through our unsuspecting paths. Amazing. We spent the rest of church indoors, but that little outdoor break was the best :)

Also, check out my way stylish friends:

Alex, the one in the blazer, takes my pictures a lot, and Diana, the one in my skirt, is just a delight. I love both of them, and I honestly think I would be a loser without either one of them.

The End.

Love, Sarai

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alexburch said...

Love you Sarai!! ♥ I feel so honored! :D