Friday, November 30, 2012


Gold Stud earrings-Icing

Sometimes, or rather, oftentimes, I am a nervous little creature. This really cannot be helped. I've dealt with it my whole life-I'm the definition of a scaredy cat. And I've come to accept that about myself. But, unfortunately, sometimes situations call for me not to be that nervous little creature that I've grown comfortable being. And when those such situations arise, I am generally petrified. Even to the point where I back out of situations, and I push them far, far from my mind in hopes that maybe I won't have to deal with them at all. So even more rare than the situation calling for me to be brave, and courageous, is the situation where I actually WANT to be brave, and courageous. And today, I had one of those situations. I actually wanted to not be scared, because I just had to do what I set out in the world to do.

So there ya go folks. I may not be a risk taker, but I'm definitely not a scaredy anymore. At least not for tonight, that is.

Love, Sarai


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