Sunday, February 12, 2012

Five Months

cardigan-borrowed from roommate
Chair necklace-Icing
Boots-gifted (Target)

Dane and I have been dating for five months. I know. I'm shocked too. I don't have boyfriends, so I'm still amazed when I say that I have one. But it's a good kind of amazed. Also, do you like the awkward outfit photo with him off to the side. He was asking "why do you always look down"? Haha so confused about the world of blogging... poor kid ;)

Anyway, it's been a wonderful five months, and I already miss him, since he's leaving on his mission after this semester. I don't really want him to go...

But I also do. It'll just be sad. I'll have no one to play with, or talk to. This is just me being dramatic...

Love, Sarai


1 comment:

Sarai and Nancy said...

these look like engagement pictures... hahaha i can't handle myself right now!