Saturday, February 11, 2012

So Late

Cardigan-gifted (Bohme)
Heels-Forever 21

This past week I planned my first relief society activity. I was a little stressed, but it turned out so well, and a lot of people showed up. Wanna know what we did? We decorated cupcakes to make them look like Owls...
And it was insanely fun.

Also, Dane and I have had a seriously great last few days. We're both just happy with each other, and we keep doing nice things... how interesting. Also I accidentally scared him when I was on pinterest and started showing him my boards. Including the wedding board. It led to us looking at engagement rings on Tiffany's. Um, we're the strangest freshman ever. He came to the realization that we were picking out rings, and decided he was uncomfortable. So then we stopped haha. But it was funny while it lasted. 
And then we watched the Jazz game together. Or, he watched, and I just sat there looking at desserts online. 
And he's the best. Really. He's the best guy I've ever known*

Love, Sarai

*besides my daddy and brother



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Jenny said...

I am going to have to make those cupcakes now...adorable!
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