Monday, October 15, 2012


I bore my testimony for the second time, ever, in sacrament meeting today. I'm a mess of nerves when I do things such as that. It's not because I'm necessarily scared of the people around me, or scared of their reactions to what I'm saying. More like, I'm terrified of revealing such scary and vulnerable things about my life to other people. There's nothing scarier than baring ones soul to the rest of the world. But it made me feel fantastic. Plus this means that Diana will sing in church with me. Which is just a great and wonderful little development. She's by far one of the greatest people I know. And she's getting me through the rough patches, just like a soul sister should. 

Unfortunately, I miss Nancy a great lot right now. We talked today about how sad we are that we never get to see one another. It's awful, and we just want to be able to hang out every single day, or at least have time for a daily phone call or something. Except, life is ridiculously busy. So that just never happens. I wish it did though.

Why am I being such a whiney child right now? I don't understand... My life is perfectly wonderful! I have a bunny that loves me, and people who feel as strongly about me as my bunny does...

Also, I made a pumpkin pie today, and I don't know if it's even that good, because I never eat pumpkin. Everyone else in the world thoroughly enjoys it. But I, do not.

Love, Sarai


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Todd said...

didnt make it in... :) haha