Sunday, October 23, 2011


Photos (excluding the last one) courtesy of Carson

Details: Sweater-borrowed Skirt-thrifted Shoes-Steve Madden knock-offs

I love fall. Autumn. The season of leaves and changing colors my dears! Does it get any better than this? I don't think it does....
I'm diggin the yellow and red leaves, and the crisp night air. It feels so good to inhale cold air. I swear it tastes different. Boyfriend says no way can cold and warm air smell or taste different. I beg to differ! In Washington, and now I guess Utah, I've noticed that it just somehow IS different. I love it so much though. I've been hating on the warmer weather that still plagues Utah, but luckily it's finally starting to cool down. It's not quite good enough yet...maybe five degrees cooler would be kind of awesome?

Butt suffice to say, I dig the weather, I dig the colors, I dig the leaves. Are you jealous? ;)

Love, Sarai


Anonymous said...

Air, hot or cold, doesn't have any odor. It is other materials dissolved or suspended in the air that gives air an apparent odor. If you are referring to the air outdoors, air in warm weather contains traces of substances released by flowers, soil, and other natural sources. These materials would not be present in the air in cold weather. Instead, vapors from home heating are likely to be present during cold weather, giving the air a different odor.

Meg said...

my goodness you are adorable. done and done.