Friday, January 6, 2012


Sailor Pants-thrifted
Flats-Who even remembers?
Horse Ring-Icing
Nail Polish-Gold Dust by Icing

Today I felt like a sailor. My pants were all flowy and with lovely buttons up the side, and I felt like I was supposed to be on a boat. But even though I wasn't on a boat, I still had a fantastic day-I got into the Intro to Film class that I so desperately needed. And after only one day, I'm already loving the class. I felt like they were speaking my language! Everyone in there liked movies, and we got to play this quote game where we guessed the random quote that the TA put on the overhead. Joyous occasion, that's for sure. Also I've already seen one of the foreign films we're going to watch in that class. And there's a British boy in there. I wanted him to speak for the entire class period...

And yesterday, I got to see Dane for the first time since break started, and it was so wonderful. We ate at this Italian place, and then we went to see Midnight in Paris. Then we kissed a bit.

So it was pretty great, overall ;)

Love, Sarai

PS: This song makes me want to invent things. Also it makes me want to do my homework... mind-boggling.

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