Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall Wishlist

For me, fall is all about running through leaf piles with rain boots and a skirt on, and taking a million pictures of the sky, and hot chocolate cups in mittened hands, but no heavy winter coat cause it's still fall, and tights with a cozy sweater will still suffice. I'm just so excited for fall, and all the yummy smells, and the corn mazes, and the halloween parties! I really just love that time of year....I know most of you are killing me for wishing this, but I want it to come faster! I don't want to wait until mid-september, or later, for the temperature to start dropping! College among the crunchy leaves and RM's....delightful ;)

Anyway, all of the delightful lil things on this list make me feel like fall is just around the corner, which it is, and they just make me want fall to hurry up even faster! Enjoy my picks!

I think this color is just divine, and so fall-ish

I feel like all my shirts would benefit greatly during fall if I had a skirt like this.

No reason...I just love them :)

These little boots having been haunting me for too long...they'll probably be the first thing I buy on this list, because I think I can wear them with pretty much anything

I've just always wanted a little trench coat to call my own...
It might have something to do with Breakfast at Tiffany's though ;)

This blouse has endless possibilties, and I would layer it or wear it alone so many different ways....this might be on the actual purchase list also

So classy and classic, I think I could wear this with almost anything


8, 9, 10, and 11

just some lovely lil dresses :)
I think dresses and skirts with tights or knee socks are the perfect things for fall...
I'd rather wear them every day than wear pants personally

I'm hoping to at least get the shoes, blouse, and blazer! Maybe a dress too? If you know anyone who wants to give a present to a random blogger, hook a sista up ;)

And enjoy your last days of summer, cause I am praying for fall to come early this year ;)

Love, Sarai

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Hayley said...

I love pretty much all of these things! If you wanna just buy 2 of each and send one to me that would be lovely! Kidding! Anyways love your blog, came here form an old EBEW that caught my eye!