Monday, August 8, 2011

An Update...

I'll write more tomorrow, but here's what's going down, told how I would and did tell my best friend, with edits, of course:

....I told him....
that i like him..
and he likes me....
but we
are not going to date
because it would be too complicated with the not being in the same place thing
but i'm really happy :):)
and he said he likes me because I talk his ear off, and I'm so nervous and stressed out about stuff. He thinks I, and my quirks, are cute, and adorable
which you of all people know is EXACTLY what i want
and he gave me a super-long hug, and kissed me on the cheek :):)
which is so him, and so sweet
and i did an angry little short person jump
i did the jump cause he was frustratingly stressing me out...long story. i wasn't really mad
just nervous
and he told me that if he can sit next to anyone at the movies, it's me, and if he can walk next to anyone, it's me

So that my friends, is the summary. I hope you enjoyed that delightful little exchange :)

that is me being happy, with a belt wrapped around my head. which is exactly how i shall wear my hair tomorrow!

Love, miss Smitten

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