Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The education protests are becoming a lot more frequent here. Tear gas is becoming a familiar thing... Gosh, i hate that stuff. Today we went to the congress and were able to witness the protest at its climax from the top story of the building. There's very few people who try to cause violent and they always just look dumb throwing rocks and being crazy.
In Chile they have this tradition of banging pots in protest at night which hasn't been done since Pinochet (their famous military dictator) until now. I guess you could say its a sign that the people are really serious.
The protesters beginning to disburse

So much tear gas!

The police look like ninja turtles. haha

Some of the aftermath
It sounds like everything is just protesting right now but that's only a small part of our lives here! We still do really cool fun artsy and social oriented things too! Today our mentor was telling us all of our roles in the group (or family) and mine was the overlooked oldest middle child that was independent, artsy, and listens to the beat of my own drum. I didn't agree with the last part until a few minutes later i said 'my body feels very strange right now' instead of 'i dont feel well'... Everyone just stared at me for a minute. hah 
The other day we all went alpaca crazy at the feria so we made it alpaca monday :)

At Santa Lucia in Santiago (old but i like the picture)

When we leave, i'm going to miss all of the amazing grafiti! The city is full of it. It's like a little reminder of everyone's need for something beautiful. Sorry, that sounded really dumb. I don't know what i'm trying to say.

Hailey and I have really cute clothes in this picture so i had to post it! haha

Outfit Details:
shirt: H&M
blazer: store called Paris here in Chile
pants: F21
boots: delias i think
scarf: random feria in Pomaire

I shall be seeing the wonderful Vancouver Washington in exactly a week! Stoaked!

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