Monday, June 27, 2011

Dates Are Fun :)

I have so much to say, but it's past midnight. So that will all wait until tomorrow....

Anyways, tonight I got the courage to ask a cute boy on a date...and he said yes :) So, not per my usual policy, we went to the dollar theater. I don't normally do theaters for dates, but it was fun, and we were already going to the movies, so I just invited him.

We saw Water for Elephants, and I loved it. Yes, I cringed during some scenes, and I had to cover his eyes ;) But overall, a really good movie in my personal followed the book really well too.

And did I mention he's cute? Cause he is :) And he's a really sweet guy, who paid for my ticket even though technically he could have assumed it was a group thing since there were so many people. I might have been the only one with a date...but no big deal ;)

And so here's a picture of my disgusting sweaty face after a night of walking to the theater, and back, and being yelled at by random cars who apparently don't like big groups of college students....k cool guys :P

There you have it folks. You'll know if there's a second date haha.

Love, Sarai


dear winsome said...

aww...yay!! i loved that movie too, hope you have a second date :)


Haley K said...

glad you had a great time with your date!! *cheers* to a second date! :)