Friday, November 4, 2011


Photos courtesy of Kelly and Carson

Dress-forever 21
Lipstick-Bordeoux, by Rimmel

I hate confrontation. I hate being angry at people. And I hate fighting. But most of all I hate that all of those things make me cry. Big fatty gross tears. All over Kelly's bedspread. Oops.

I also don't like complaining about people. No matter how upset someone makes me, if I love them, I don't complain about them. I can be crying my eyes out, thinking horrible thoughts, but when someone else tries to call them something bad, I leap to their rescue. It hurts my heart to hear people saying mean things about the people that I love. Even if they deserve it. And especially if they don't.

And someone that I care about upset me tonight. But I can't tell anyone, I can't get angry and tell everyone how mad I am. Because I can't stand the idea of them being upset with that person too. And I know I was kind of a jerk too, so that makes it worse.

I think I'll apologize for real tomorrow.

In person.

Love, Sarai

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