Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Photos courtesy of Carson


Sorry for the photo overload....
Carson and I just got excited by my hat and shoes which make me feel like an elf, and also by the random props lying around. There was a golf cart full of used flourescent lightbulbs.. so we went to town. It was a most enjoyable photoshoot.

Boyfriend has still been amazing. But he leaves on saturday to go home for Thanksgiving break. And he won't get back until the next Sunday. Last time he left for only three days, and I still didn't like it very much. This time it's for eight days. And when he went home last time, for some reason we couldn't text each other at all. Well, he recieved all my frantic texts, but I got none of his. Not okay.

But, in other news, his 19th birthday is on Thursday! He changed his mind from wanting a Taco Bell gift card, and now he wants a flannel shirt. Thank goodness. Haha.

Love, Sarai

PS: I still love this song :)

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