Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My sister Melissa. The most intense person ever.
I miss being with my big sis. I miss not being able to sleep unless we're in the same bed, her playing with my hair, dance parties, silly late night talks, just being plain old awkward, and so much more! Too bad she had to grow up and miss Thanksgiving to be a smarty pants. I'll only see her at the wedding this weekend :(

I miss the three of us being together ALL the time. I miss Sarai just walking into my house unannounced, sarai and celeste eating anything they felt like because we all know there's no need to ask, crazy laughing fits, scaring celeste ;), and being obsessed about anything we felt like at the moment. Sarai needs to come home because right now it's just Celeste and I and it's not the same. But alas, we have to wait a whole month for her!
Lastly, i'm missing Sterl. I miss being around a giant all the time, random adventures to target, him scheming ways to get me to accidentally drink coffee(not cool!), going to ethnic places to eat, and just the plain ridiculousness that is hanging out with Sterling. Now he's got me listening to random Nigerian rappers. Whaatt??  
Anyway, I'm grateful for all of them in my life and eventhough we have all grown up sort of, there's no way we'll ever not be friends.
p.s. I promise that sometime this week there will be an outfit post!

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