Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Insert Accent Here

Photos courtesy of Kelly Williams

shirt-Forever 21
Nail polish-Gold Dust by Icing

Two things:
1. I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, hence the middle part
and 2. I met a hot Lebanese man today

My friends and I decided to watch the VS Show yesterday, and it was a glorious thing. They block the website at BYU, so we can never see VS stuff, and how better to remedy that than by watching the fashion show?
It was amazing. Seriously. They had this one ensemble that had twirling parasols instead of wings.
And Miranda Kerr wore the diamond encrusted bra. Ten months. TEN MONTHS after having a baby she's walking the VS runway again.

Also, my favorite moment:

Pinned Image

And if that wasn't your favorite part, you have a heart of stone. Or you're a guy

Anyway, after the show, all of us ladies decided we wanted to be Victoria's Secret Angels. We practiced our foreign accents, pledged to work out every day and never eat anything again, and we also practiced walking. Oh, don't forget our middle parts. All Angels have middle parts, duh.

So that was probably one of the best things I've witnessed in a long time.

And for the second part of my post, I met a lebanese man in an elevator. We were both going to the fourth floor, and he was just adorable, and charming.
That's all.

Love, Sarai

For your entertainment

I bought a really cool eraser :{)

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Bri Rios said...

I totally love your blue jeans! I've been trying to find good colored jeans, and yet my search continues :/
I saw your pic on Go Chic or Go Home and recognized the background of a couple of them.
Helaman Halls!!! Totally cracked me up haha. I go to the Y too :)
Just was wondering if you would want to button swap?