Thursday, November 10, 2011


Photos courtesy of Carson

Cords-Forever 21
Horse Ring-Icing
Bow Ring-Icing
Nail polish-Glitz and Glam, Icing

These photos were taken at a particularly awkward angle for me, seeing as my eyes were squinting like a fat baby's every time Carson snapped a photo. Note to self: don't let Cars take pictures when I'm in direct sunlight. It makes for awkward squinty eyes. It's like bird eyes to the extreme. I'd be kicked off America's Next Top Model for my perpetually squinty eyes alone! And Nancy has the most beautiful huge blue eyes... so here I am with lame little baby eyes. It's stupid.

But also, Nancy has no boobs. And I do. So boom. I still got it.

Today I learned something new-at 5:30 PM a patriotic song plays all across campus. I did not know this. And apparently everyone stops what they're doing and observes this moment. This is also something I did not know. It's kinda cool actually.

Love, Sarai

PS: I'm fairly certain it's a stye. And now I'm severely pissed off.

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