Friday, November 25, 2011


I have no pictures. Sorry. I left my laptop at home and I haven't taken any pictures except for tonight of my cousin and her fiance to capture their last moments together before they're a married couple tomorrow :) Actually I was just bored/super happy and Whit was on the computer and Devon was opening cards. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful and so nice as the "rehearsal dinner" so our family didn't have to do anything. Whaat? It was a different experience though not having the smell of thanksgiving dinner in the house and everyone rushing around eachother in the kitchen that's too small for 6 people to try and be cooking in there all at once but we make it work somehow. 

Well tomorrow is the big day and I probably should sleep cause i'm directing the traffic tomorrow and doing all of the last minute preparations while they're up in Canada at the temple for the actual ceremony. (I was dumb and forgot my passport at home. But this way there's a lot less of running around after we get back from the temple).

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