Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Master Chef!

I have become the little master chef at my house since my mom is out of commission with a broken foot, ankle? whatever it is. That sounds really not sympathetic but i really have no idea what exactly she broke since she broke a few bones. Anyway, for the last two weeks i've been making dinner and i've been dominating it! Tonight i made tortillini (yummm) and yesterday i made yummy yummy pizza!

So for my outfit today, i attempted to dress down my Romy skirt from my first post and i think it worked out just dandy! I think it screams Portland though which i have been missing terribly the last few weeks. I haven't been there for three weeks and i'm use to being there at least twice a week! I can't wait to live in the middle of downtown next year! Also, there's a show called Portlandia that just plays off of all the weird random things around the city! Check it yo!

That last picture is me in my natural habitat. In the corner next to the heating vent, reading, and listening to music. My arm looks a little discolored and nasty because i have a few bruises. ick!

p.s. it's snowing!!!

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